Another beast walks in the night.

February 22nd

The memorial for the students that were found was held today. I've been told it was an animal attack, but I believe the rumors hold a hint of truth when they claim it was something else.

I know about the way they way they were found.

Could it be the vampire once more, leaving a cryptic message or perhaps a token of his affection for Izabel? He shouldn't have made it that close to the castle, the anti-vampire wards should have stopped him. Perhaps it could have been one of his minions, one who is close to turning but not yet brought over.

Or perhaps it was another creature all together.

Only here in my diary do I dare admit what the thought does to me. It is no secret that I harbor a great hatred for the wolf - Lupin. What is less known is that that hatred is fueled by an even greater fear. But for Potter Senior's interference, I could have ended up with a similar fate to Lupin's or worse. How well would I have stood up to the strain? Would I have given in to the blood lust, given myself over to the beast within?

It's impossible to look at him without asking myself these questions and I do not like the answers.

Severus, Draco and Narcissa -- Malfoy Manor -- Complete

An Uneasy Alliance
June 19th. 1997 -- Late Night

Severus paced the room, glancing at the antique gold clock above the mantle for the hundredth time. If the boy managed to get caught before Severus could contact him... Both sides were looking for Draco, neither was pleased with him.

"You're being awfully calm." He stopped to look at the elegant blonde sitting near the empty fireplace. Severus suspected Narcissa had already had a fair amount to drink, or had taken something to calm her nerves. Or, perhaps, a bit of both. He was used to her being more distraught when her son was in danger.

"He said he'd be here? Tonight?"